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Phat Cookies


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This PHAT cookie is loaded with rich butter and toffee flavour with hints of creamy stout beer which has been made into a toffee.  The browned butter combined with the premium Valrhona Belgian Blond Chocolate elevates this cookie to new heights making you crave more with every bite.   Each cookie is finished off with a light sprinkle of Belgian dark chocolate vermicelli and more buttery toffee, creating the ultimate depth and balance in flavour and texture.  This is a real Butterbeer cookie that might just transcend you to Hogwarts Diagon Alley.


Organic wheat flour, sugar, butter, sweet potatoes, free range eggs, Cornmeal, toffee bits (contains almonds), Organic maple syrup, Organic maple flakes, Bourbon, orange zest and juice, leavening agent, marshmallows, vanilla bean paste, almond extract, pink Himalayan salt, organic cinnamon, nutmeg.

Drink Pairing

The Alsatian-Style Pinot Gris is the perfect match for this PHAT Cookie’s take on a Sweet Potato pie.  It gives the perfect flavour of honeycomb sweetness with hints of peach and almond which will enhance the caramelized maple and toffee flavours, bringing a beautiful, sweet balance in every bit.